Showing Day

Finally, on the day of the showing, you should be busy effecting last-minute touches on your living space. That way, buyers will leave your home with a strong positive impression.


If you have pets, it may help to relocate them temporarily if possible when it's time to show your home. The smell of pets may turn off some buyers, and pets that shed may prevent your home from looking its best during showings. Buyers may also have allergies that prevent them from entering your home if pets are around. Finally, some buyers may be hesitant to enter a home if they are uncomfortable around animals.


Feel free to play soft, neutral music to create a relaxed atmosphere. It can be fun while helping buyers feel more comfortable.

Family Photos

Limit family photos and similar personal effects. Buyers like to be able to visualize the home as being theirs. By creating a neutral environment, you can help them do this. You need not go overboard - just limit your family's where it's easy to do.


Keep the home comfortable for buyers. That means setting the thermostat in advance so the house has the perfect feel. Cool the home properly in the summer and heat it in the winter before potential buyers arrive. If appropriate, light your fireplace to show it off and add to the ambience of the room.

Curb Appeal

Take in or conceal garbage pails so that they aren't an eyesore to buyers pulling up to your home. Even simple things like those can hurt the aesthetic of your home in a buyer's mind.


If possible, ensure convenient parking in front of your home is available to potential buyers, even if it means parking your own car a little further than you usually would. A home with plenty of easy parking is much more attractive to buyers.

Present Your Home Well

Don't give out or offer unnecessary information regarding your home. Try to focus on relaying what is appropriate and relevant to your home, and of course, be polite. Even better, if you have an agent, let him or her do the talking. Agents are trained to present your home so that it will sell.

Remember that while accommodating buyers may be inconvenient and even frustrating at times, it is a worthwhile effort. Do your best to work with buyers and agents, as it could mean the difference between getting the offer you want or not.